JCI Group has been having Heartland prepare our e-news since June 2005. This used to be a job I dreaded, and was never able to do on a regular schedule. The team at Heartland has made this task much easier. They are very flexible and never flinch when I ask for something out of the ordinary or send some file in the wrong format. Over the years I've used their instant newsletter when I was really pressed for time, I've assembled the stories from their library of articles, and I've provided all of the material when I felt creative. Now we've got a regular schedule set up which forces me to plan to do this, and if I'm slow, they'll gently remind me.

Gary Jacobson
JCI Group
Maumee, OH

Connecting Point - Greeley

The quality of service we’ve received is twofold: First, working with your team is unbelievably easy. You are organized, informative, and provide the perfect amount of attention I need to keep the newsletter moving out to our customers on a timely basis. Second, the quality of the information we are now able to provide our customers has received an overwhelmingly positive response from current customers, as well as customers who are not using our services as much as they have been in the past. We have rekindled working relationships with past customers, strengthened our relationship with new customers, and are impressing our potential customers. Thank you again for the fabulous product, and positive team I’m working with.

Kate Bamberg
Marketing Manager
InTrust Group

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