We offer two tiers of recurring plans: Classic and Enhanced. All tiers include the layout and production of your e-newsletter, but vary depending on whether you need technology-related articles.

Info All plans require you to provide a method of sending your e-newsletters (learn more about sending your email) and an additional one-time template fee—$150 for a standard or mobile-friendly responsive template (learn more about templates).

Enhanced Newsletter Plans!

Our email newsletter plans not only cover your template design, layout, and sending your emails, but they also give you access to our content database! For each e-newsletter issue, you can choose from hundreds of technology-related articles, taking the pain out of gathering content for your e-newsletter—whether you use our content exclusively or to supplement your own articles.

Bi-Weekly Monthly
1 e-newsletter every other week 1 e-newsletter per month
$229/month $158/month
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Bi-Monthly Quarterly
1 e-newsletter every other month 1 e-newsletter every quarter
$80/month $56/month
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Info We do not currently provide content only. Due to our licensing agreements with many content providers, we must be involved in the production of your newsletter or email blasts.

Template Design & Email Blasts

We also provide template design and email campaign services! Need a one-off template or email created? We can do that!

  • Standard Email Design: A fully customized newsletter or email campaign template, standard
  • Responsive Email Design: A fully customized newsletter or email campaign template, mobile-friendly
  • Standard Template Redesign: A full redesign of any existing template on file, standard / static
  • Responsive Template Redesign: A full redesign of any existing template on file, responsive / mobile-friendly
  • Email Blast: A short email campaign outside of a regular newsletter plan. Need regular email blasts? We can build a custom plan for you!

Please inquire about pricing here.

Info Questions about billing, contracts, commitments, and more? Check out our FAQ—we promise it's written in straightforward language and addresses the questions we get the most.

Republish Program

Do you plan on writing custom articles for your newsletter, in addition to the articles selected from our database? We're always looking for the best original articles written by experienced IT resellers.

If you sign up for our Republish Program, you will receive $50 in Email Bucks every time we choose an article written by you for the IT News article database. Current clients can opt-in here.

(Not all articles are eligible for the Republish Program. We carefully choose content that meets our needs.)

Want to Pay with MDF?

IT News for You's e-newsletter offerings are eligible for HP and Microsoft's MDF! Market Development Funds (MDF) are provided by most major vendors (such as HP, Microsoft, and SonicWall) to help partners offset the costs of marketing activities, events, training, etc., while promoting their brand and solutions. If you've never submitted a marketing activity for MDF reimbursement, we have a short explanation here you might like to see.

The bottom line is, if you get in contact with your HP or Microsoft representative, you can find out the process and requirements for submitting invoices for reimbursement if you have MDF funds available to you. If you are a Microsoft or HP partner with MDF funds, our newsletter service is already approved for you to use MDF for! Your newsletter can be free to you! If you have MDF from another vendor, you might also find out that email marketing falls under their list of approved marketing activities as well.